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Welcome to Robotrack Wiki!

On this portal you will find all the information regarding the Robotrack Project.

Where to start?

If you are on this page, then probably you already have one of the Robotrack kits. If not, check out our solutions for educational robotic kits for preschoolers, primary schools, secondary schools and high schools and universities. In order to program robots you need to install the Robotrack IDE development environment and learn how to create programmes in its visual environment. Before starting experiments, you need to get to know the controller Trackduino which happens to be the “heart and brain” of all the Robotrack kits.

It is then necessary to select external devices depending on the project’s tasks and read how to connect and programme them:

Of course, any robot is more interesting when it moves! Motors and servomotors make robots move. It is convenient to use external encoders, which measure how much the wheel shaft has turned, for an accurate measurement of the distance traveled with motors.

If a remote control of your robot is needed, you can use an IR remote control, or set up a control from your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth with the built-in Bluetooth controller module and the application Robotrack remote control (Android).

List of all the articles:

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