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Neurolaboratory “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer”

Specially designed equipment and training course allows children to carry out research in the field of neuro- and psychophysiology of a person, use neurotechnologies to control robot models based on their own indications of brain bioelectric activity, and plan their trajectory of learning.


Working with the course, the child will be able to understand who can become in the future:


– a person who develops products and products for the sphere of the neuromarket



– a specialist who will recommend using such products.


Many specialties are still being formed, but today there are neuromarketologists, neurosurgeons, neuroprogrammers, specialties of the group “neurotechnologist” are being developed, and if there is such interest in the child, the main thing is to understand what he/she wants and can do in the future.


You can download the presentation of the project “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” here

You can watch a video about project “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” here

The course is designed for at least 128 hours of instruction and allows study neuroscience more detailed and in interesting form:

– to study the structure and functions of the human brain

– learn how to manage the processes, using knowledge from the field of physics, biology, neurophysiology, mechanics and robotics

– Learn how to control robotic models with the help of rhythms of the brain

– learn how to activate mental activity

– get acquainted with the accompanying high technologies used for future developments in the modern world (augmented and virtual reality, management principles in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, etc.).

The equipment, training course and neurotechnologies will give an opportunity not only to form an idea of ​​the structure of the brain, its activity, neurochat, but also allow to collect the neurodevices for studying human brain signals, as well as to record the encephalogram, electromyograms, to study the bioelectric reaction of the skin (skin galvanic reaction), to study the structure of the heart, to learn and to understand, decipher and compare the electrocardiogram of a person.

During work with the neurolaboratory, children get knowledge from the field of cybernetics (neuroprogramming) and learn how to create a model of unmanned vehicles and manage it by programming a route.

Teaching of children is carried out with the use of neurogames, laboratory works, workshops, classes include: theoretical material, additional material for the teacher and students.

“Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” is aimed to form competences of the specialties of the future within the framework of the NTI roadmap.


The program allows for the education of children, including those with disabilities.

Calendar of events:

December 6, 2017 – An exhibition-demonstration of NTI projects, which were selected for piloting in Veliky Novgorod with the aim of further scaling to other regions of Russia. This day is the start of our piloting project!