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Training course on the study of the technical vision is already running!

Technical vision is one of the most promising technology and area connected with the use of computer technology and robotics. Currently, machine vision is most in-demand in medicine, biotechnology and other industries.

Many projects are considering the possibility of introducing the technology of technical vision in the educational process, but the company «Brain Development» has already launched a training course on the technical vision for children from the age of 12.

From September 2017, a unique monocular computer vision study course is launched, where children are able to study the algorithms of the object recognition (faces, circles, lines, QR codes, color of frame). As a result, the basis for the creation of software for analysis, pattern recognition and image processing is forming. All designed projects are practice-oriented and aimed at formation of competences of the profession of the future.


For technical vision introduction, we have developed resource sets “Videretrack 1” and “Videretrack 2“. The first resource set allows extending the capabilities of existing Trackduino board. Resource set “Videretrack 2” contains a complete microcomputer Vitrek, which includes a controller Trackduino. The set is suitable for those who don’t have a controller Trackduino, but want to start working with computer vision technologies. The controller is compatible with plastic items of Robotrack kit. Also, the system of libraries for Robotrack IDE was developed to work with technical vision technology.

Developed educational-methodical complex includes 30 lessons. All classes are grouped in 5 modules, 6 lessons in each mode of activity. The following skills will be formed:

– skills for designing of complex component constructions, using modern technologies of monocular computer vision,

– formation of initial skills to work with the regime of QR codes, the recognition of the object  like “face” and the detection of graphical primitives,

– development of skills of guide line  tracking and motion search

– development of basic competencies for the analysis of colors using the Vitrek  controller, HD cameras and robotic applications.

In the spring of 2017 Robotrack carried out an approbation of introduction of technical vision technology in educational robotics: “Labyrinth” competitions were held within the “DETalka” Festival during the MIEF-2017. The participants had to go through the maze using the guide marks. This kind of competition has aroused interest among the participants and our professional colleagues.


Technical vision is used for recognition of objects and images. The most difficult task is the object recognition and classification. Our robotic model with the microcontroller #Vitrek are able to recognize QR codes, the face-object, shapes of object and to follow the line. HD camera will also allow to analyze the color scheme of the frame and to track guide lines. Computer vision will allow creating interesting projects and taking part in various competitions.

To purchase the resource kit «VIDERETRACK» and educational-methodical complex please contact to the official representative of the company:

Email: mrtrus2014@yandex.ru

tel.: +7 (921) 330-2568