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Robotrek is an international network of robotics clubs.


Our clubs work on the database of ROBOTRACK-Huna/MRT construction kit – the official construction kit which is used for All-Russian competitions DETAL’KA, International Youth Robotic Competition (IYRC), International Youth Robot Association IYRA (South Korea).


Our mission is to discover the most modern and innovative ways to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and also to conduct early career guidance for teenagers in the field of educational robotics and neurotechnology. Our motto is: «Today we prepare specialists of the future».


Our educational programs in the field of robotics developed by Russian methodologists take into account the experience of implementation and usage in the Asian countries. Also, they are aimed at transferring knowledge and skills to young people in STEAM and are able to stimulate their interest in modern technologies and help them to become successful inventors and innovators in the future.


Franchise ROBOTRACK was launched in 2014. More than 110 centers under the ROBOTRACK brand in Russia and Kazakhstan have been opened so far.


By becoming a partner-owner of ROBOTRACK club you get:


Stage I:

  • complete programmes (showcases for teachers and students, detailed educational plans) for preschoolers;
  • complete programmes for primary school pupils – 7-8-9 years (Intern);
  • complete programmes for STEM kit classes for children aged 10-12 (it is not a continuation of Intern);
  • programmes for intensive classes, a study programme for children with HIA;
  • also, there is an opportunity to implement additive technologies in general classes: 3D printing, android robots development.

Stage II:

After completing the first stage, the franchisees get an opportunity to purchase the ROBOTRACK “Base” methodological complex (62 lessons, the continuation of Intern, STEM) for classes with children aged 12 and older, and also an additional block of classes for studying the basics of computer vision.

Stage III:

Starting from 2019, after the ROBOTRACK “Base” course, the franchisees will have an opportunity to purchase a package for training sessions called “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” designed for studying human neurophysiology, collecting and processing biosignals (EEG, ECG, CGR, EMG) and controlling robotic models.


At all stages:

  • a full range of consulting services to establish a club;
  • training and support from/for teachers;
  • information support, regular webinars;
  • special equipment prices for partners;
  • access to the festival of robotics and neurotechnologies “DETAL’KA” and to the international competitions IYRC;
  • more than 100 clubs ROBOTREK in Russia and CIS countries are already working in our network. 40 to 100 children are getting trained in each of them.


How much does the franchise costs?

Stage I costs 150 000 rubles, the interest rate is 5% of turnover, but no less than 5 000 rubles/month. Stage II costs 70 000 rubles, the interest rate is 5% of turnover, but no less than 5 000 rubles/month.


Why is it profitable right now?

Our national economy is currently experiencing the hard times. But our brand is designed for eternal values. The education and successful future of your children are the last thing parents would try to save their money on.

In the last few years, a significant rise in birth rates has been observed in Russia. Therefore, the number of your potential customers is increasing.

Since many small companies are leaving the market now, the demand for rental of premises is going to decrease. So from now on it is going be much easier to find good properties for clubs and agree on more favorable rent conditions.

Additional support programs for small businesses are going to open in many regions. Since ROBOTRACK clubs have got a bright social component, it will be easier for you to participate in these programmes.


Call us on the following number: 8-921-330-25-68