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“Brain Development” Ltd. (Robotrack project) implements the NTI (National Technological Initiative) road map in the field of educational neurotechnologies (Neuronet). Since 2019, the project “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” will be launched. At the moment we have developed a resource kit “Neurotrack”.


Kaplan Alexander Yakovlevich controls a robot with the help of a neural interface Neurotrack


You can download the presentation of the project “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” here

You can download the table of course lessons for “Young Neurophysiologist-Engineer” here



The kit contains at least 3 components:

  1.  1 neurohandband;
  2. micro-USB charge cable;
  3. 1 CD with software and instructions.


IThe «NEUROTRACK» kit contains neurohandband that takes the electroencephalographic (EEG) signal from the brain by two sensors that touch the forehead and the left ear lobe. Then it transfers data to the computer via wireless technology (Bluetooth). There are 3 types of signals that will allow you to control the robotic model: concentration, meditation and eye blinking. Neurohandband works with the Trackduino controller.


Demonstration of the model Neuralevitation


Presentation of the project “NeuroFan” in July 2016. FORUM OF STRATEGIC INITIATIVES. MOSCOW



The first “Neuro-race” was organized at the All-Russian Festival of Robotics and Neurotechnologies “DETAL’KA” in 2017.